Pensive Mood

the first of many

I was thinking about what to say for my first ever post ­čÖé I guess I want to say thanks for coming over and stopping by. I realised that the name I got for my blog is already trending a lot on the web. The question “How on earth will anyone find me?” came to me. So for you to actually “arrive” here makes me feel a little bit excited.

It’s a start of a new relationship for me. Me and this acquired baby of a space in a massive world of giants.

I don’t want to repeat too much of what I have shared about myself on my About page┬áso I’ll tell you something I haven’t on there yet. I actually like┬áthe idea of sharing people’s stories through photography and videos. This is probably why I enjoy the concept or idea behind┬áHumans of New York.

One day I would love to have the privilege of telling someone’s stories. That would be a great day I think.

Sometimes I feel others have more interesting stuff to say of themselves, things they are involved in etc. And then there are days like right now when I think that my life is worth talking about too. Not because of myself really but because of all the Lord is achieving to do with me here in this world. We all have a purpose. No life is ever worthless.

Some experiences I’ve had have been real good. Some of them really hard and challenging. All in all, they have all been helpful in making me see life with a new perspective… His perspective.

So yes, even though I really think my life isn’t all that great, I think the Lord who is over it is amazing. And because of that I will see great things come out of any situation I find myself in.

I am excited to meet new people, to discuss and share ideas with, to bless and be blest by, to be a part of this community of bloggers.

To new beginnings…

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