Pensive Mood

…where my trust is without borders

This year has started big for me in so many ways.

And this song, yes this song has been my banner for 2017.

Incredibly the Lord has upheld me with His right hand and has waved upon me a victorious flag declaring my identity as His daughter over the trials and challenges that 2016 brought.

And this He continues to do each and every day.

I firmly believe now more than ever that to really trust in Jesus is to walk a path where you truly do not know where you are headed… and still walk that path with nervous anticipation. I added “nervous” at the last minute because that’s how I really feel about the future. But its an exciting kind of nervous like the kind of feeling you get when you are about to go down a rollercoaster loop.

This year has been a year of revelations, and a year of saying yes to adventures I’ve been saying no to for a long time.

I pray as this blog continues to take shape that I can inspire and encourage you to go where your feet has never been, to trust without comprehension and to fall in love with our Saviour over and over again through it all.

See you on the next post where I’ll be sharing about my first mission adventure… in India <3

and oh that photo above…

That’s my good friend Hannah who recently made the leap over Kawarau Bridge in Queenstown. Lucky girl, huh? 🙂 Can’t wait for my turn!!! 


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